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Wellings & Williams International LLP represents a creative and innovative solution in International Law, Business and People internationalization management.

Our Team specializes in all International Law Matter, from Company Incorporation Assistance wordwide to Citizenships and Residencies Programs until Intellectual Property matters, from the seed of an idea to the final product. Whether you’re a musician, designer, engineer, or small business owner, we will not only protect what you create, but we’ll also help it thrive in the world. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

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We can assist you in International Affairs, for Private and Company.


Our philosphy is just one: Human Resources! Join us!

Matthew HarryWelling-Evans,

Ph. D. Specialist in International Law

If we were limited within the limits that a country impose, a lot of premise for a high quality of life would be precluded.

Have a second or a multiple citizenship allow reaching target otherwise impossible to achieve.

  • Socio-political stability: you will ever have benefit from a politically and economically stable country, capable to accommodate you and your loved ones

  • Personal transportation freedom: you will never be subject to a unique passport for your movement anymore

  • Capital management freedom: no more limits to taxation management

  • Real asset reappropriation: your asset will be shielded from restrictions and abuse, which some countries ever more frequently have shown

W&W International unites diversified services in a unique place, becoming a reference point for people who want to internationalize their own business, their own capital and their person.

The synergy of these services makes W&W one of a kind; indeed no one company can boast to be a unique partner for internationalization of people and capital. With us every person can have all that he need for abroad business and life management

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International Law

We offers technical assistance and policy advice on international law, international relations and geopolitics across all its Areas of Expertise. Our technical advisors can bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to this service from their extensive range of regional, national and international roles. Our consultants have worked for governments, leading law firms, universities, international institutions and major multinational corporations among others. We build teams with the capacity to address current and emerging global issues in their many forms. We recognise the unstable nature of the international environment and in response we are committed to the provision of flexible and prompt service and assistance to enable our clients to achieve stability in this challenging environment.



The way people consume entertainment is constantly in flux, so the laws must adapt quickly.  W&W strives to anticipate these changes so you can focus more on creating the performance of your business lifetime.

We offer  International Business & Technical Consultants, for  international development consulting company providing high quality Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL), Capacity Building & Training, and Knowledge Management, Communications & Outreach Services. We are  focused on meeting the development assistance needs of countries by offering exceptional functional expertise, regional experience, and a commitment to excellence

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Second citizenship

Wellings & Williams International LLP is a global leader in citizenship planning and citizenship by investment programs. Our clients are wealthy individuals and families, as well as their advisors worldwide, who rely on our expertise and experience in this specialized area. We advise our clients on the best options and programs currently available for acquiring alternative citizenship.

Over the years, our teams have assisted thousands of clients to acquire alternative residence and citizenship, and are responsible for more than USD 6 billion in foreign direct investments worldwide.



Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care from a distance. It has been used to overcome distance barriers and to improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in distant rural communities. It is also used to save lives in critical care and emergency situations.

Although there were distant precursors to telemedicine, it is essentially a product of 20th century telecommunication and information technologies. These technologies permit communications between patient and medical staff with both convenience and fidelity, as well as the transmission of medical, imaging and health informatics data from one site to another.

Early forms of telemedicine achieved with telephone and radio have been supplemented with videotelephony, advanced diagnostic methods supported by distributed client/server applications, and additionally with telemedical devices to support in-home care


Private transport services

After you buy a car, you'll need to register it with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Secretary of State (SOS), Department of Revenue (DOR), Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), or other local entity that sets vehicle regulations in your state. 

We help you to find the best Country where registering your car, under international law conventions.